Vision Statement

Vision: To make the criminal justice system a better investment toward improving the quality of life in Wisconsin.

Mission: To promote and facilitate the implementation of effective criminal justice policies and practices that maximize justice and the safety of the public.


EBDM Subcommittee Meeting
Sep 17 2020

This is the date and time set for the next meeting of the CJCC EBDM Subcommittee. 

Recovery Capital and Treatment Courts: A New Approach to Improve Client Outcomes
Sep 17 2020

While utilizing substance use disorder treatment is critical in the drug court model, what other elements are important to bring about long-term recovery for clients? Research over the past two decades has found that individuals with strong concentrations of personal, social, and community capital are more likely to sustain long-term recovery. But what exactly does this mean, and how do we operationalize this in the treatment court model?

TAD Subcommittee Meeting
Sep 23 2020

This is the date and time set for the next CJCC TAD Subcommittee meeting. An agenda will be posted closer to the meeting date.


TAD Participant Outcome Summary and Cost-Benefit Report Now Available
Jun 05 2020

Between 2014 and 2018, TAD program admissions grew 150%, coinciding with over $5 million in additional funding awarded. During these five years, 6,125 admissions were reported across approximately 83 Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) funded treatment courts or diversion programs in 52 counties and three tribes across Wisconsin.

COVID-19 Resources Available for TAD Programs
Apr 10 2020

In an effort to coordinate the flow of information from national and state partners regarding programs and how to address the challenges of this rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, a webpage has been created to provide sites and programs with emerging information and resources as they continued to be developed.  Please visit this webpage for more information:

CJCC TAD Program and Data Sharing Reports Now Available
Apr 02 2020

Under 2019 Executive Order #41, the Wisconsin State Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is charged with a variety of initiatives designed to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system, including making recommendations regarding “updating the administration of the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program to maximize the program’s effectiveness with a goal of ensuring statewide availability of treatment alternatives and diversion resources, whether funded by TAD or other sources.” (Executive Order #41, 8(g)(ii))