Vision Statement

Vision: To make the criminal justice system a better investment toward improving the quality of life in Wisconsin.

Mission: To promote and facilitate the implementation of effective criminal justice policies and practices that maximize justice and the safety of the public.


CJCC Meeting
Jun 09 2020

This is the scheduled date and time of the next state CJCC meeting. Agenda will be posted closer to the meeting date.

Data Sharing Among Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health Partners-Addressing Data Sharing Agreements and Confidentiality Concerns
Jun 24 2020

Hosted by SAMSHA, one challenge to data sharing among criminal justice or behavioral health agencies can be agreeing upon the data that will be shared and how it will be shared. Lack of clarity around HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 regulations can complicate the process as well. This webinar will present information about the steps neceaary to effecively establish data sharing agreements between partners. Presenters will share how they established data-sharing agreements to facilitate robust data sharing in their communities.

Navigating System Cultures across the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM)
Jun 26 2020

Presented by SAMSHA, multiple systems across the SIM serving justice-involved people with mental and substance use disorders employ differing language, procedures, and standards when addressing hte complex needs of clients requiring treatment and recovery support. This webinar will provide participants with practical strategies for navigating diverse system cultures across multiple points of the SIM to better serve individuals with mental and/or substance use disorders who are interfacing with the justice system.


COVID-19 Resources Available for TAD Programs
Apr 10 2020

In an effort to coordinate the flow of information from national and state partners regarding programs and how to address the challenges of this rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, a webpage has been created to provide sites and programs with emerging information and resources as they continued to be developed.  Please visit this webpage for more information:

CJCC TAD Program and Data Sharing Reports Now Available
Apr 02 2020

Under 2019 Executive Order #41, the Wisconsin State Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) is charged with a variety of initiatives designed to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system, including making recommendations regarding “updating the administration of the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program to maximize the program’s effectiveness with a goal of ensuring statewide availability of treatment alternatives and diversion resources, whether funded by TAD or other sources.” (Executive Order #41, 8(g)(ii))

FY19 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Application Posted
Aug 23 2019

As required under federal statute, the State of Wisconsin's FY19 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) application has been posted for public comment.