State CJCC Approves Framework for Defining and Measuring Recidivism

Over the course of the last year, the Data Sharing and Outcomes, Trends, and Indicators (OTIs) Subcommittee has been working towards the establishment of a framework for defining and measuring recidivism, which was requested by the State CJCC.  The subcommittee has been working to develop consistency in how recidivism is calculated across the state and to create a roadmap for what to consider and what to include when measuring recidivism. 

Following a presentation and discussion at the June 2015 meeting, the State CJCC unanimously approved the Framework for Defining and Measuring Recidivism at the September 2, 2015 Full Council meeting.  Approval of this Framework marks a key step in the state’s ability to consistently measure and report on the effectiveness of both state and local criminal justice programs in Wisconsin.  The full document is attached below.


For questions, please contact:

Connie Kostelac, PhD

Director, Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis

Wisconsin Department of Justice

Tony Streveler

Executive Policy Initiatives Advisor/Director, Research and Policy

Wisconsin Department of Corrections


Megan Jones, PhD

Lead Research Analyst

Wisconsin Department of Corrections