EBDM Phase V

The Phase V Evidence-Based Decision Making Subcommittee served as the State-Level EBDM Policy Team, under the State CJCC, with additions to the current membership to meet the decision points and stakeholder groups defined by the National Institute of Corrections. In this role, the Evidence-Based Decision Making Subcommittee worked in parallel with the local teams in conducting EBDM Roadmap activities, and provided a constant feedback loop to the State CJCC and its Executive Committee.  This structure ensured that our State-Level EBDM Policy Team was well positioned to engage in the activities outlined in the EBDM Roadmap.  While not part of our State-Level EBDM Policy Team during Phase V, the other CJCC subcommittees aligned with those activities and provided us with resources, expertise and assistance in making this a successful state-wide initiative. 

EBDM Framework

Draft Wisconsin EBDM State Team System Mapping Narrative Report_ 121615

State EBDM Change Targets

NIC EBDM Fact Sheet