OWI Treatment Court

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The Columbia County OWI Treatment Court is a post-conviction criminal court that attempts to decrease recidivism and substance abuse. OWI Treatment Courts are built upon a unique partnership between the criminal justice system and the treatment community. Our court consists of a multidisciplinary team working together toward a common goal of breaking the cycle of alcohol use and criminal behavior. Our program consists of four phases, in which participants make positive progress through treatment, court appearances, and appointments with their probation agent. As participants advance through the program, their level of services is modified to best meet their needs and goals. The OWI Treatment Court requires that all participants abstain from alcohol and other drugs. Compliance is measured by monitoring participants’ sobriety through the use of random drug screens, including urinalysis and oral fluid tests. Participants are also required to comply with program requirements through the use of a breath alcohol content monitoring device, such as Soberlink or Smart Start Mobile devices.
Risk Level: 
High risk
Moderate to high risk
Risk Assessment Tools: 
DUI-RANT (Risk and Needs Triage)
Post-adjudication or conviction
Jamie Ziegler
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OWI Treatment Court Coordinator
(608) 742-9720
Columbia County OWI Treatment Court
P.O. Box 136
Portage, WI 53555
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Medication Assisted Treatment: