TAD Competitive Grant Process for CY24 Funding

A total of $9,688,900 in grant funds is available to counties or Native American tribes in Wisconsin to support existing Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) projects during calendar year 2024 (CY 2024).  This is the same amount of funds that was available for CY 2023. The vast majority of funds will support continuation funding for existing treatment court and diversion program projects that received 2023 TAD funds. Funded projects range from diversion at the initial prosecutorial decision making stage to drug treatment courts, including alternatives to revocation based on local needs and project design factors. 

All of the program requirements are outlined in Wis. Stat. §165.95(link is external).  As directed in the statute, these projects include those that deliver treatment and diversion alternatives to jail and prison for non-violent offenders with assessed needs related to drug and alcohol abuse.   These funds are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ), with project coordination jointly provided by DOJ, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and with the participation of the Director of State Courts Office.

Authority for this program is found in Wis. Stat. §165.95(7), which states that:  “Grants provided under this section shall be provided on a calendar year basis … .” Grants will be awarded covering CY 2024, which is the third year of the latest five-year funding cycle. Current CY 2023 TAD grantees may apply to receive the same grant award amount for CY 2024 in a non-competitive process. Because we anticipate that these continuation grant awards will not use up all available funds, however,  some TAD grant funds are allocated to support three Priority Categories, including: (1) increased grant awards to new programs that received ’23 awards for planning/implementation and will be operating their programs throughout the entire 12 months in ’24; (2) unique training and technical support events and activities for program staff, as described in the application materials; and (3) up to 3-4 project evaluation activities involving outside evaluation contractors or consultants. These funds will be awarded through a competitive process.

TAD Grant Application Process:

The CY 2024 application process will again feature a Pre-Application stage requesting existing sites to declare which categories of funding their will apply under, and a final application stage where more detailed information will be submitted. For further information regarding the Priorities and Pre-Application stage, download and review both the July 17, 2023 Pre-Application Form Guidelines and Pre-Application Form – 2024 TAD Grant Awards, located in the Related Documents section below. Also, a TAD Pre-Application Webinar will be held on August 2, 2023 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. A recording of that Webinar will also be posted on this webpage following the live event. For further information, contact Mike Derr at derrmg@doj.state.wi.us(link sends e-mail) or Marsha Schiszik at schiszikmj@doj.state.wi.us(link sends e-mail) .

All counties and tribes that received 2023 TAD awards and that are interested in receiving TAD grant funding for CY 2024 must first complete and submit the TAD Pre-Application Form, defining the amount of funds they wish to apply for and selecting which priority categories they wish to apply under. All Pre-Application Forms must be completed and emailed by no later than August 31, 2023, to TAD Program Specialists Mike Derr and Marsha Schiszik.

​​​​​​TAD Grant Application Timeline:

  • Pre-Application Form Due Date:  August 31, 2023
  • Final Application and Announcement Language Posted: October 13, 2023
  • Final Application Due Date: November 16, 2023
  • Grant Award Start Date:  January 1, 2024
  • Grant Award End Date:  December 31, 2024

CORE Webinar(link is external) - The Comprehensive Outcome, Research, and Evaluation (CORE) Reporting System is the data collection system required for TAD-funded programs to report participant-level data as it occurs. This overview fully demonstrates how the system works, how to properly report the data, and how to analyze the data to improve program operations and outcomes.

NOTE: Additional Related and Resource Documents will be posted on this Webpage as they are being developed and updated. Also, additional updates will be posted on this Webpage as the TAD grant application process is finalized.

TAD Pre - Application August 2, 2023 WEBINAR LINK - In order to access and launch the recording, type in Passcode: $8.7zh?F. This August 2nd webinar explains the baseline funding and three priority categories, how to complete the Pre-Application Form, and provides an overview of the TAD Statute, requirements of the TAD grant program, and the overall application process for CY 2024 awards.

2024 Grant Funding TAD Budget and Application October 26, 2023 WEBINAR LINK - In order to access and launch the recording of the webinar, type in Passcode: XP#NV*C6. During this webinar, TAD staff with the Department of Justice highlighted the 2024 TAD full application process and provided important guidance on budget requirements and grant cycle timelines.