Adult Drug Court

Start Date: 
The Rock County Drug Court Program began in 2007 after Rock County applied for and received a Treatment Alternatives and Diversion grant. Drug Court Case Managers oversee the twelve–month treatment program for those participating in the Rock County Drug Court. Treatment is designed for non-violent participants with substance abuse issues. Entry into the Program requires a Drug Court contract agreement between the Rock County District Attorney's Office, Defense Counsel, and the participant. Entry also requires a plea of guilty or no contest to current charges in exchange for potential reduction or dismissal of those charges or other sentencing concessions made upon successful completion of the Program. Participants may also enter the program through a referral from the Department of Corrections as an Alternative to Revocation. Upon entrance to the program each participants receives an individualized criminogenic risk-need assessment and full biopsychosocial assessment to determine areas of need. Based on these assessments, the individual will be required to participate in treatment groups as recommended by the Case Manager. Each participant will receive intensive Case Management to monitor and support the individual in the community. Participants are required to report to the Drug Court office on a daily basis and submit to random drug tests. Clients are required to appear weekly before Judge Barbara McCrory for a review of their treatment progress.
Risk Assessment Tools: 
A LSI-R: SV is done to determine eligibility and a full LSI-R is conducted once the individual is admitted into the program.
Post-plea/pre-adjudication or conviction
Elizabeth Pohlman McQuillen
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Criminal Justice System Planner/Analyst
Rock County
51 S. Main ST
Janesville, WI 53545
Alternative to Revocation Admission: