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Alternative/Diversion Programs DDP (Drug Diversion Program) DDP is a post-plea diversion program offered to defendants in drug motivated offenses that meet evidence based qualification criteria. UW-Oshkosh Drug Diversion Program This program involves pre-charge Deferred Prosecution Agreements offered to UW-Oshkosh Students for on campus drug related incidents. Domestic Violence Diversion Program Domestic violence DPA's are offered to offenders at prosecutors' discretion. Failure to Pay Child Support Diversion Program The primary goal in prosecuting Failure to Pay Child Support is often to encourage payment of child support. Winnebago County Crossroads Program Crossroads will outline a program specifically designed for each individual based on their own challenges and needs. Worthless Check Diversion Program This program will provide an alternative to criminal prosecution of individuals who issue worthless check (s) to merchants and businesses.
Valerie Stuart
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220 Washington AVE
Oshkosh, WI 54901
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