RSAT: Addressing the Special Needs of Clients based on Gender, Race, and Culture - Practitioner Tools

Nov 18 2020

While addressing the needs of female clients, screening and assessment are critical steps for ensuring that individuals receive services and clinical support.  Ethnicity, race, and gender plays an important role in treatment and therapy modalities. Cultural dynamics impact communication, screening, referrals, interventions, and substance use disorders and its relationship to diversity issues.


This webinar will address several assessment instruments that can be useful resources for RSAT program servicing diverse populations, including the Cultural Competence in Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and the Women’s Risk Needs Assessment (WRNA) models. Additionally, several diagnostic tools for identifying alcohol and other substance use disorders will be shared including CAGE questionnaire, CRAFFT quiz, Drug Abuse Screening Tool, TWEAK, T-ACE, and Jellinek Chart, as well as SMART Interactive practitioner resources.

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