Hybrid OWI / Drug Court

The Pierce County Hybrid Court is a post‐plea and post‐conviction court with limited exceptions for some Deferred Entry of Judgment cases. Its mission to promote public safety, reduce crime and improve the lives of participants, their families and the community through an intensive, collaborative, court supervised treatment program which motivates participants while holding them accountable. The program will strive to use community and state resources effectively in achieving its goals. The Pierce County Hybrid Court was created to serve high risk, high need Pierce County residents over 17 years of age with criminal cases which are substantially related to their dependence on drugs or alcohol. To be eligible to participate in the Pierce County Hybrid Court, individuals must: Be a resident of Pierce County Be over the age of 17 Have a pending felony charge in Pierce County Have a substantial relationship between addiction to alcohol and drugs and the commission of the offense Be alcohol or drug dependent Be determined to be high risk, high need Be willing to comply with the Hybrid Court Program rules Able to physically participate in treatment activities (within guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act) Potential Disqualifiers: • Violent offenses • Domestic battery convictions • Weapons offenses Eligibility criteria can be waived at the discretion of the team on a case by case basis including those defendants charged with delivery and possession with intent to deliver drugs. Evidence of ongoing drug dealing will exclude the defendant from the program. Referrals for the Hybrid Court may be made by the District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Corrections or Defense Attorneys. If an individual is interested in participating in the program, he or she must let the District Attorney, Department of Corrections or their attorney know and ask to be considered for participation. Individuals who are formally referred to the Pierce County Hybrid Court will be screened by the coordinator to determine if they meet the criteria for eligibility. If eligibility criteria are met, the coordinator will make a referral for an alcohol or drug assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the Hybrid Court Team will review the case and determine whether to conduct an interview with the potential participant. If invited to interview, the individual will be asked to first observe a session of Hybrid Court. An interview with the Hybrid Court Team will take place immediately following. After the interview, the Team will decide whether to accept the individual into hybrid court. If the individual is approved by the Hybrid Court Team for entry to the program, a plea and sentencing hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible. Participation in the program is conditional pending sentencing. At sentencing, the judge has the final say in whether an individual will participate in Hybrid Court. If Hybrid Court is ordered at sentencing, the individual will then be admitted to the program.
Risk Level: 
Moderate to high risk
Risk Assessment Tools: 
COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions)
IDA (Impaired Driving Assessment)
Post-plea/pre-adjudication or conviction
Post-adjudication or conviction
Mary Kelly
Job Title: 
Pierce County Coordinator
(715) 307-7409
Pierce County Drug Court
412 W Kinne ST
Ellsworth, WI 54011
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