Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

The Deferred Prosecution Program (DPP) is run by the Dane County District Attorney's Office. Eligible defendants can avoid a criminal conviction and sentencing by satisfying the requirements of a deferred prosecution agreement contract. The contract may require the defendant to participate in one or more of the following assessments or programs: alcohol and drug assessment and comply with any recommended treatment; abuser / generalized aggression treatment; attend issue specific, DPP, or parenting classes; pay restitution; complete community service work; and secure psychological / psychiatric, vocational and or any other counseling DPP deems necessary. Participants also agree to other appropriate measures to assure they do not repeat criminal behavior. Operating within DPP are the Deferred Prosecution - Opioid Diversion Program (DPP-O) and Deferred Prosecution - Child Abuse Initiative (DPCAI). These programs serve defendants with eligible charges and may require additional assessments, classes, treatments, etc. All participants must comply with any existing bail conditions at all times throughout the duration of their contract without exception.
Melvin Juette
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Program Director
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Dane County Deferred Prosecution Unite
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