Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

Iowa County does not have a formal deferred prosecution program, but the District Attorney's Office does, at its discretion, enter into deferred prosecution agreements with defendants on a case-by-case basis. In deciding whether to enter into such agreements, the D.A.'s office considers a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the nature of the offense(s), the age and criminal history of the defendant, the perceived rehabilitative needs of the defendant, and the wishes of the victim (in crimes for which their is a victim). The defendant is required to plea guilty or no contest to one or more charges, and entry of judgment is deferred for a specified period of time, during which time the defendant must commit no further crimes, must abide by the terms of his bond, and must satisfy other requirements that may fit the case (e.g. absolute sobriety, AODA assessment and counseling, anger management counseling, letter of apology, etc.)
Larry Nelson
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District Attorney
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