Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

The St. Croix County Diversion Program provides a positive alternative to the criminal court process for non-violent criminal offenders. The program is designed to meet the criminogenic needs of these offenders, and attempts to deter future criminal behavior. In return for successful completion of the program, the District Attorney’s Office agrees to not proceed with criminal prosecution. The Diversion Program further provides non-violent criminal offenders the opportunity to avoid negative consequences associated with a criminal conviction. Crime victims benefit through a restorative justice system that holds the participant accountable. It reduces the burden on the court and corrections system by allowing limited resources to be devoted to more serious or violent criminals. The program aids in protecting the community by closely supervising the participant. Taxpayers also benefit by saving court and correctional costs. The program is designed to reduce jail and prison populations, prosecution and incarceration costs, and recidivism. The program is also designed to promote public safety in the community.
Lisa Multhauf
Job Title: 
Diversion Program Coordinator
(715) 386-4641
St. Croix County
1101 Carmichael RD
Hudson, WI 54016