Post-charge Diversion and Deferred Prosecution Program

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The Barron County Diversion Court is a pre-conviction diversion program for low risk, low needs offenders charged with a criminal offense. Offenders selected by the District Attorney's office to participate in the program have specific, identifiable needs which can be addressed in a three to six month time period. These needs include reinstating a driver's license; completing an assessment for either substance abuse or violence; and/or owing restitution. Offenders may participate in restorative conference, alcohol or other drug treatment, or perform community service; all of which is monitored through returning appearances before the Circuit Court. Offenders are generally misdemeanants, however, some charged with felony level drug or theft charges have been admitted if they meet the criteria. To date, Diversion Court has been a great success with only a 2% recidivism rate for those who have successfully completed their contracts.
Risk Level: 
Low risk
Post-adjudication or conviction
Debbie Nichols
Job Title: 
Judicial Assistant, Branch III
Barron County Diversion Court
Barron County Justice Center Room 2700
1420 State Hwy 25 N
Barron, WI 54812
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